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Index to the Message Board Archive
This page is the master index to the Message Board Index

We will shortly have a database of the archive threads on line. This will allow for much more detailed searching and reviewing of old threads.

At present there is a work in progress archive section on test
which will give an idea of how the new database driven reference section will
work. Check it out here..

Prototype database reference section.

Some of the links below will not function while the messages are being loaded into the database.

The October archive below covers the period lost by the ISP during maintenance work, the messages are currently being uiploaded and so may not be immediately available.

For the moment you can search the Archive by using the search box above right. The archive is maintained by month, with each month's page having a search box at the top.

The site went live on October 1st 2000, so the earliest archive is...Oct 2000! Click below on the archive you would like to view..

Year: 2001


Year: 2000


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